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The Li-Ning INSTINCT 500SIX pickleball paddle is constructed of high quality domestic materials including a Fiberglass composite skin and polymer honeycomb core. The pickleball paddle is 13mm thick which improves control, reduces vibration and dampens the hitting sound. Instinct series pickleball paddles are also lighter due to their partial skin design.

From our video...Each Li-Ning INSTINCT paddle is “lightweight” and features a polymer honeycomb core and partial fiberglass skin for the softest hitting feel and softest hitting sounds. INSTINCT paddles are suitable for players looking for a lightweight pickleball paddle offering maximum speed and agility. Look for our extra thick 13mm INSTINCT and BOOST paddle options for added control, reduced vibration and further dampened hitting sounds! Keyword: LIGHTWEIGHT


  • SHAPE: Standard for Largest Sweet Spot
  • SKIN: Partial Fiberglass for Reduced Weight
  • CORE: 13mm Polymer Honeycomb for Increased Control, Reduced Vibration & Sound
  • EDGE: Slim Guard
  • FEEL: Soft
  • SOUND: Soft
  • WEIGHT: 7.2oz - 7.4oz / 204g - 210 g g
  • COLOR: Blue and Purple
  • WIDTH: 8" / 20.32 cm
  • THICKNESS: 1/2" / 10mm
  • LENGTH: 15 7/8" / 40.32 cm
  • HANDLE LENGTH: 5" / 12.7 cm
  • GRIP SIZE: 4 1/4" / 10.8 cm
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