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The Li-Ning COMBAT 500SC pickleball paddle is constructed of high quality domestic materials including a carbon fiber graphite skin and Nomex honeycomb core. The pickleball paddle is 10mm thick and is durable pickleball paddle for a continued attack style of play.

From our video...Our COMBAT paddles are engineered with one thing in mind … POWER! Built with a Nomex honeycomb core and carbon fiber graphite skin, COMBAT paddles are harder and louder, and your opponents are certain to see and feel your presence. COMBAT paddles are suitable for very strong, aggressive players looking for MAXIMUM power. Keyword: POWER


  • SHAPE: Standard for Largest Sweet Spot
  • CORE: 10mm Nomex Honeycomb
  • SKIN: Carbon Fiber Graphite for Reduced Weight & Added Durability
  • EDGE: Slim Guard
  • FEEL: Hard
  • SOUND: Loud
  • WEIGHT: 7.6oz - 7.8oz / 215g - 221g
  • COLOR: Gold
  • WIDTH: 8" / 20.32 cm
  • THICKNESS: 3/8" / 10 mm
  • LENGTH: 15 7/8" / 40.32 cm
  • HANDLE LENGTH: 5" / 12.7 cm
  • GRIP SIZE: 4 1/4" / 10.8 cm
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