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TFS(Tether Follow Sensor) allows your golf cart to follow you without a remote!  Simply clip and go. The Smart Tether magnetically clips to an included metal belt attachment. It then reads how far you are from your cart as well as your angle of movement and adjusts your cart’s speed and direction to match.  

The Smart Tether can be easily attached to your golf bag without hassle and communicates with your Club Booster V2 via Bluetooth. It’s ready to go out of the box, so you don’t have to fuss over setup.

Seamlessly transition between the TFS and remote to get the best of both worlds.


With a physical tether, you can keep peace of mind knowing you always have a tangible connection with your cart. You also never risk losing connectivity as it follows you through turns, hills and slopes.

The Magnetic Auto-Follow Smart Tether is reliable and always ready for you. Best of all, there’s zero learning curve.

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