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  • Overview/Benefits

    • Excellent paddle for power players

    • Improve your drives and singles play

    • Power paddle with surprising amount of control

    • Larger sweetspot than traditional power paddles

    • Recommended for new tennis players starting Pickleball


    • Technology

      • DuraEdge Edgeless Technology
        Designed for optimal durability, the sleek, low-profile design and advanced DuraEdge technology enhances maneuverability, and extends the life of your paddle.

      • GC9-Flex Dual Carbon and Fiberglass Face
        Pairing the best of SLK paddle technology with a large sweet spot, the SLK Omega delivers ultimate power without sacrificing control. 

      • FlexFoam Perimeter
        Increases durability, adds weight, enlarges the sweet spot, and absorbs the vibrations from every hit, for a stable, reliable feel.

      • Rev-Core+ Polymer Honeycomb Core
        Combining a powerful paddle interior with a large sweet spot, the Rev-Core+ Polymer Core is engineered for the win.

      • NextGen Pro Texture
        Delivers a new level of power and control achieved through spin.

      • 360° Proto Molding
        Provides 360° composite coverage generating ultimate power, while delivering a consistent feel on every play.

      • SLK Ultra-Comfort Grip
        Created for a confident hold, the cushioned SLK grip is stable, ultra-comfortable, and non-slip.

    • Shape: Now Available in the XL shape too!
    SLK Omega XL Specifications
    • Weight Range: 7.8 - 8.2 oz.
    • Length: 16.4"
    • Width: 7.4"
    • Thickness: 0.5"
    • Face: GC9-Flex Dual Carbon and Fiberglass Face
    • Grip Circumference: 4.25"
    • Grip: SLK Ultra-Comfort Grip
    • Handle Length: 5.75"
    • Core: Rev-Core Power Polymer Core
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