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Welcome the newest addition to the Pickleball International line...the all new "Quantum". With it's 5/8" thick polymer honeycomb core and graphite skin, it will give you everything you need to over power your opponents and dominate on the courts. This paddle is a heavy hitter with its tennis grip and 5 1/4" grip length for those who like to use a two-handed backhand. Weighing in between 8.0oz to 8.5oz, these is no lack of power in this paddle but still offers a nice soft touch when needed. 

Paddle Specifications: 

CORE: Polymer Honeycomb
SKIN: Graphite/Carbon
AVG. WEIGHT RANGE: 8.0oz - 8.5oz
GRIP SIZE: 4 1/4" (standard)


Player Type: Intermediate to Advanced

This paddle is not USA Pickleball Approved

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