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The F2 Sports Imperium pickleball paddle is a beautifully designed, mid-weight paddle (7.6-8.0 oz) made with the most popular and premium materials to up your game.

Graphite Surface:  

The pickleball paddle surface is made of graphite, making this paddle light and powerful, a true asset to your game. Graphite paddles are very strong without being heavy and offer both control, power, and a large sweet spot to get the ball where you need it to go. Graphite pickleball paddles also help prevent wrist strain as they are a lighter alternative to composite pickleball paddles.

Polymer Core: 

Our strong yet flexible Polymer Core offers extra control and more durability for a longer-lasting product.  

Live in a community or play indoors often? The Polymer core is one of the quietest cores on the market, making it the preferred paddle in communities or indoor playing areas with noise restrictions.

Textured Finish:

To complete this paddle, we added a sandpaper textured finish to give you the spin you desire. 

Edge Guards:

Our paddles are equipped with edge guards to further protect the product from chipping or damage.

Cushioned Grip:

The cushioned grip offers comfort and has a 5” handle length.

This pickleball paddle is perfect for all types of players from beginners to seasoned players!

This paddle is approved by the USAPA.

Designed in Michigan.


  • Weight:     7.6-8.0OZ
  • Thickness/Height: 0.63 inches
  • Length: 15.82 inches
  • Width: 7.80 inches
  • Handle length: 5 inches, 4.25” circumference
  • Core: Polypropylene
  • Surface: Textured Graphite
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