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Why should the pickleball fun stop when the sun goes down? Keep the game going at night with Franklin Sports' Glow in the Dark Outdoor Pickleballs! These light-up pickleballs are perfect for avid pickleball players looking to play night games. Simply leave the balls in sunlight for over 15 minutes during the day to "charge," then watch them glow once the lights go out! These pickleball balls are regulation sized for authentic gameplay performance. These practice pickleballs weigh 26.2 grams and are designed with a one-piece rotational molding to ensure the same long lasting performance as our official X-40 outdoor pickleballs. If you're looking to play pickleball games under the lights after the sun goes down, look no further for the equipment you need. Grab your Franklin Sports Glow in the Dark Outdoor Pickleballs and get the night games going tonight!

  • GLOW IN THE DARK: Keep the game going after the sun goes down with these easy-to-use, glow in the dark X-40 pickleball balls from Franklin Sports!
  • HOW TO USE: Simply leave the pickleballs in direct sunlight for over 15 minutes during the day to "charge," then wait for the sun to go down and hit the courts for nighttime matches!
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Created using the same manufacturing process as our official X-40 pickleballs, these glow in the dark balls are built for long-lasting, premium performance
  • OFFICIAL SIZE: These outdoor pickleballs are constructed to USA Pickleball (USAPA) official size 26g weight, 74mm diameter specifications for authentic, quality gameplay
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