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Control. Extra Large Sweet Spot. Plush Feel.

Introducing the all-new Gearbox G Series, meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of pickleball enthusiasts everywhere. With three distinct models - the G16, G14, and G12 - this series promises unparalleled performance with exceptional value for all.

Leading the pack is the G16, boasting a plush 16mm thickness, this paddle offers unmatched control, precision and the largest sweet spot of the line. It’s your go-to choice for refining your touch, enhancing accuracy and playing with finesse. While this paddle offers tremendous control, there is no compromise on power, it will deliver great power on demand. Its 16mm thickness enhances stability during play, while the T700 raw-carbon textured face ensures tremendous spin potential with every shot. Weighing in between 7.6-8 oz, the G16 remains lightweight and agile, allowing for swift and precise maneuvers.

The G16 is great for those just starting off in the game or for those who are honing in on their skill level and looking to unlock their game potential. Elevate your game with the Gearbox G16 and experience the perfect blend of control, power, and precision. For a paddle that offers slightly more power, faster ball exit speeds and excellent maneuverability, consider the G14 of the G series.

Mod Quad Shape Frame: Uncover a new realm of versatility and precision with the Gearbox Mod Quad shape frame. Harness its wider design for unparalleled maneuvering, while reveling in an expanded sweet spot that empowers your shots with control and finesse.

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