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The GAMMA Fusion Power Pickleball Paddle is designed to deliver a power boost while maximizing the sweet spot. With an 8.25" width, this paddle offers one of the widest hitting surfaces on the market, ensuring an expansive sweet spot for increased precision. It's user-friendly design and wide hitting surface makes it an ideal choice for players of all levels, bringing the perfect blend of power and versatility to every pickleball game, whether you're starting out or enjoying casual matches with your friends and family.


• Core Material: Polymer Honeycomb Core

• Core Thickness: 13mm / 1/2"

• Paddle Surface: Textured Fiberglass

• Weight: ≈ 8.0 ounces

• Length: 15-5/8 inches

• Width: 8-1/4 inches

• Grip Length: 5 inches

• Grip Size: 4-1/8 inches

• Grip Type: GAMMA Pro Lite

Made in China

USA Pickleball Approved

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