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The Li-Ning DRIVE 500SD pickleball paddle is constructed of high quality domestic materials including a carbon fibere graphite skin and aluminum honeycomb core. The pickleball paddle is 10mm thick and is a stiff pickleball paddle that caters to a physical style of play.

From our video...Li-Ning DRIVE paddles are highly “durable” due to their aluminum honeycomb core and carbon fiber graphite skin. They feature a medium hitting feel and medium hitting sounds for instant gratification when striking the paddle’s sweet spot. The DRIVE series is popular with players who possess well-rounded skills and like a paddle that offers a firm and stiff feel. Keyword: DURABILITÉ


  • SHAPE: Standard for Largest Sweet Spot
  • CORE: 10mm Aluminum Honeycomb
  • SKIN: Carbon Fiber Graphite for Reduced Weight & Added Durability
  • EDGE: Slim Guard
  • FEEL: Medium
  • SOUND: Medium
  • WEIGHT: 7.4oz - 7.6oz / 210g - 215g
  • COLOR: Purple
  • WIDTH: 8" / 20.32 cm
  • THICKNESS: 3/8" / 10 mm
  • LENGTH: 15 7/8" / 40.32 cm
  • HANDLE LENGTH: 5" / 12.7 cm
  • GRIP SIZE: 4 1/4" / 10.8 cm
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